Women Safety In Dubai

There’s a common misconception that Dubai is unsafe for women, but that might not be true. Dubai is fast becoming an ideal travel destination for all girls trip and solo travelers alike. Let’s debunk some common myths that women usually have and are skeptical about.

  • Wearing a burka or a veil isn’t compulsory unless visiting a religious monument
  • You are allowed to drive a car.
  • Dubai has a very low crime rate, if you’re harassed officials take it very seriously.
  • It’s safe to take taxis, stay alone in hotels and walk around on your own in most areas.

These days safety and especially those of women is beyond doubt the most voiced concern among travellers. Despite this, non-nationals away from their home, find Dubai a safe haven. The negligible crime rates in the city tops the list of reasons making Dubai one of the safest cities to travel to.

To ease your mind, here are a few tips to keep in mind and a few reasons as to why women feel safe in Dubai.

  1. Late nights are not a problem

Want to take a late night walk on the beautifully lit up Dubai Marina or want to head out to grab some late night snack or ice-cream? It might come as a surprise to travellers but a woman can enjoy a carefree stroll at midnight without being concerned about her safety. Be it leaving for an early morning flight or coming back home after a fun night out, hopping on a public mode of transport, getting a cab or even walking on the brightly lit roads of Dubai is very safe.

If you sense discomfort, just dial 999 and the Dubai Police will be there in seconds.

  1. Have a Seat

Dubai is known for a lot of thing, it’s excellent infrastructure and frictionless public transport systems are just a few of the reasons people prefer to settle in Dubai.

Dubai metros and buses are the most preferred modes of transport. It comes as no surprise that 9,880,952 residents use the metro every month, adding up to 118,571,429 riders every year.

To make sure that women travelers are safe, the Dubai Metro has reserved compartments for women. There are reserved seating and standing areas for women. So despite rush hour, you can travel stress free. Men travelling in the ladies compartment can be fined if caught.

  1. Chivalry isn’t dead

Be it medical centers, ATM counters, offices, hospitals, kiosks and any other counters, women get dedicated seperate lines. If there isn’t a dedicated line, the local men and other travellers too have learnt to let you skip the line.

  1. There isn’t a dress code.

Dubai is a modern city and has a plethora of working and travelling women from all parts of the world. Wearing a burka is a religious and traditional practice that the natives carry out but it isn’t compulsory or forced upon. Don’t forget that Dubai is a hub to high fashion and women are allowed to wear what they please. If you are going to visit a religious monument it is advisable to carry something to cover your head with.

  1.  All the love you need

Being single in the city comes with its advantages. Unlike some other cities where getting a rented apartment for a single lady may seem like a herculean task, Dubai is a smooth sail. You will get an apartment if you have a residency visa, irrespective of your relationship status.

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  1. This is the best tour on the east coast! It was amazing how many places we visited and what great memories we made!

  2. This was not our first time going to here. It is a great place to shop not too far from New York. We took the bus from Port Authority and traveled through the countryside to get there.

  3. We always stay at here when in town. The location is great, staff is wonderful and we love the overall feel. Beautiful view from the here.

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